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To find a sense of calm or quiet in a place is something I strive to preserve in my photographs, because it is something that is often not felt in day to day life. This is not to say I then just go out and photograph beautiful landscapes and places, though they are beautiful in the real world and in real time. More so, I am trying to capture something beyond the stark beauty that exists in the world in which we live. For me, I find that sometimes even the most pleasant, fulfilling and positive experiences are also paired with an peculiarity or oddness that is unsettling. I find that in my photographs these layers of sadness and depression can still be present although the subject matter at hand is at least a little bit interesting or appealing. With this being said, if something doesn’t feel right, I do not capture it. It is the emotional significance I put into my work that is my voice. It’s through these images that I am communicating to the world what it’s like in not just my life, but another person’s life.

My inspiration for my work comes from many different photographers like Ansel Adams and Robert Frank. In the execution of the work itself, the decisive moment in which I am capturing, I feel most inspired by lesser known, yet incredibly influential photographers like Nan Goldin and Gregory Crewdson. I seek inspiration from other artists of various mediums, such as Andrew Wyeth, Anselm Kiefer, and Alex Kanevsky.


Katie Anello is a professional photographer born and raised on Long Island now living and working in Upstate, New York. With a B.A. in Fine Arts and Art History from the University of Albany, Katie jumped into the wedding photography world shortly after graduating in 2012, and has been working with one of the largest photo+video studios in Upstate NY capturing couples and families from all over the world who want their love and stories told ever since.